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Another succesful seamless hydrophobic MonoSeal application. Applied to OSB board in one day to waterproof this building. Structural waterproofing to a simple patch repair.

Straight from the tin – Instant waterproofing hand applied pure polyurea – hydrophobic liquid waterproofing – direct to substrate (no elongation restricting reinforcement) Fully moisture tolerant – Fire Certified EN13501-5

From production to delivery to life performance inspection.

  • Seamless technology ruling out leaking joints
  • 1500% elongation / NO restrictive fleece
  • Moisture tolerant / All seasons application
  • Fully hydrophobic / Zero falls specified

Easy application over existing roof coatings/ insulation board or seamlessly over a warm roof system with T4 fire rating.

Full credit to the applicators who carried out the work on this project Lucas Roofing it looks fantastic. MonoSeal supplies by Chandlers Roofing Tonbridge who are always fully stocked! Our warehouse is still open for trade supply and our technical support team is available.

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MonoSeal training and technical seminar at Chandlers Roofing Supplies Tonbridge, wholesaler of Prokol cold applied products. We met a great array of roofing customers at Chandlers. They presented us with a multitude of key issues they have encountered with other products. Prokol demonstrated the Hydrophobic moisture tolerant MonoSeal by pouring the liquid through a large measuring cup of water and allowing it to seal and cure under water before the audience’s eyes.

Demonstrating its moisture tolerant capabilities. Attempts were made to try and remove the primer-less liquid from the cup after the 1 hour cure process had taken place, MonoSeal proved almost impossible to remove. Once it was eventually free the underside of the coating was 100% dry.

Roofers used our materials on mock up roof models. They were impressed by the finish and ease of use. They also welcomed the fact the product required no reinforcement layer and is fully moisture tolerant.

More information about MonoSeal training and technical seminars? Get in contact!

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