Add MonoSealant to your waterproofing plan!

MonoSealant is a professional adhesive & sealant that will be a big plus for every waterproofing plan!

MonoSealant has been engineered to work with extreme conditions of thermal change and movement within the construction field, its use as a joint compound is perfect when sealing open voids especially seen on roof termination details. Where cement based finishes fail over a short period of time the MonoSealants high bond adhesion & high elongation (300%) give a whole of life finish that requires zero maintenance.

MonoSealant cures in just fifteen minutes, is paintable and has high elongation for thermal movement and zero shrinkage, will even bond EPDM to EPDM. No staining to natural stone and free from solvent ISO and silicones, MonoSealant since it’s launch at the beginning of 2018 has now become a huge success and is more cost effective & diverse in application than other products available.

Prokol Polymers provides high performance solutions for everyday issues, As a specialist manufacturer we offer on site technical support and advice on design and implementation to the highest standard. Get in contact with Prokol UK for more information!

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