MonoSeal Liquid Waterproofing manufactured by Prokol!

MonoSeal is a cold applied, Pure Polymer Waterproofing Coating Developed by Prokol Coating Group in from The Netherlands. This Hydrophobic Pure Polymer has been in the industry for over 35 years and developed for long-term zero maintenance waterproofing applications. MonoSeal engineered for the specialist approved Prokol applicators of the world, became the number one choice & its application arena was varied, from repairing in line pipework, roofing, tanking, Joint filling and so on.

The applications are endless. MonoSeal is now available to the open market place and has fast become the number one choice by the specifier, asset owners and end users for all waterproofing applications, Roofing, Tanking & Structural Protection. The Dutch people have lived below the water table for decades so have become experts at managing constant rising water levels. There is no short term solution or option for the Dutch so products that are fit for purpose without maintenance are paramount. A common belief by the Dutch is “why repair a failing product with the same product?” This leads to a higher cost repeat maintenance situation. The Dutch do not believe in maintenance, so they engineer their products to out live the life of the product or substrate it’s applied to.


  • Broof (T4) certified
  • 1500% Elongation for Constant Thermal & Joint Movement
  • Operational Temperature +110°C to -40ºC
  • Fully Moisture Tolerant
  • Fully Hydrophobic
  • Chemically Resistant
  • Smooth Finish
  • Easy to apply
  • No Reinforcement Layer
  • Direct to Substrate Application
  • 1 Hour cure – Foot Traffic 3 – 4 Hours

Application of MonoSeal

MonoSeal is a very easy product to use and for some substrates that require a fast cure primer, MonoSeal Primer-RW (1 hour cure) will give added adhesion where required, your supplier will assist on this information. To use MonoSeal simply mix part A with part B using a static mixing paddle and drill thoroughly for three minutes until it becomes a homogenous mass. Then pour onto the substrate, using a roller or rubber squeegee cover the area that requires waterproofing until a minimum of 1.5 to 2 mm membrane has been achieved. Please also note that after 48 hours the chemical window to reapply a second layer of MonoSeal will be closed, so MonoSeal Primer-Uni will need to be applied to the existing MonoSeal application to re-open the chemical bond for competent adhesion between the two layers.

You must ensure that any joints and overlaps receive a minimum 2 mm application for thermal movement. The pot life of MonoSeal is twenty minutes and once mixed in the tin it will go through its cure process. When using MonoSeal on vertical applications or details allow the mixed product to activate for 10 minutes in the tin. The product will become thicker and therefore give a drip free application. Alternatively for speed apply the mixed product in two separate thin layer applications, always allow for the up stand applications to continue onto the deck level substrate a minimum of 100 mm, this will allow for larger volume tins to be mixed and poured onto the deck and rolled or squeegeed into place giving good even coverage.